Who we are?

Seaman Salt

We are seaman salt company and we had established 5 years ago and specializes in developing salt pressing equipment and packaging equipment, then our path began to expand from 3 years ago, and we turned to the salt industry from the best and finest rock salt raw material from Egypt and Libya.


Egypt Siwa Oasis 500 km in the heart of the western desert, rock salt was selected and transported to our factories in Alexandria, and of course according to the experience of Seaman salt in that field of manufacturing production lines and processing the previous blocks and tablet presses our first concern is quality in manufacturing and packaging to satisfy our customer.


We care about examining and testing the product to ensure our quality in smallest details, and we care about the opinions of all of our
customers, and our aim is to develop together from our factories to you without ant intermediaries so we could give you the best result.

Our mission

We’re dedicated to delivering exceptional service and outstanding

Our vision

We shall be industry leaders by: leveraging science to deliver new and innovation, learning through diversity and teamwork among employees.

Our values

  •  Integrity
  • Safety
  • Excellence
  •  Innovation